Hi everyone, hope you have all had an amazing week. Last week’s post ended by me telling you how certain things in my life happened to come together at once in a fateful coincidence of events which meant it was the right time for me to begin my journey. A difficult period in my life had come to an end, I was feeling positive about the future, I was ready for a new me that could take on the World and the challenges that were to come and for once I was ready to be myself and be happy. This frame of mind, I believe, is what led to the realization of the state I had allowed my body and health to get to. My eyes were open to it even if subconsciously I had probably known for a while. Coupled with the harsh comments of others which I saw as a challenge to prove them wrong, this was my time to change.

I strongly believe that at least half of the battle if not more when it comes to weight loss and fitness is in the mind. If you are going through a difficult period in your life that is causing stress, anxiety or a state of general unhappiness it is probably not the right time to consider embarking on a weight loss journey which may add to those factors but that is ultimately up to you to decide. There is nothing wrong with recognizing you need to make a change and lose weight but also being honest in telling yourself ‘now is not the right time’. It can be tough and requires will power in order to succeed and it will be difficult to maintain a positive mental attitude towards weight loss if your mind is not in it. Ultimately, this can lead to just another failed attempt which may knock your confidence even further. If you find yourself in this situation don’t worry about it, you have unknowingly made the first step on your journey simply by recognizing you need to make a change and that is a positive thing. You will know when you are ready, when you are in the right frame of mind and have the mental strength to start so trust yourself.

It is also important not to be led by the media, advertising or the status quo when it comes to starting your weight loss journey. The right day of the week, time of the year, proximity to pay day, etc. are all things which will vary from person to person as to when it is right to start losing weight. How often do you hear people say “I’m going to start eating healthy on Monday”? For many people Monday is one of the most depressing days of the week, after the weekend and back at work lacking motivation in many areas so why would you choose that day to start? Because everyone else does but this is YOUR journey so choose the day that best suits you. The same kind of stigma is attached to the holiday season. “Once the holidays are over I’m going to start a diet in January”. Again, for many people January is a very depressing month where the festivities are over, people have less disposable income and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere the weather is normally terrible. So why would you start in January? Because the TV tells you to! The fitness at home DVDs all hit the shelves, the gym and fitness facilities all run promotions and everyone else says they are going to start. So what? Remember this is your journey and you have to start when it is best for you.

If you are wondering I started my weight loss journey around 3 weeks after my birthday on a Thursday in early March. I allowed myself to enjoy my birthday celebrations, waited for the winter months to end when the evenings were getting lighter and it was starting to get warmer and picked a Thursday because I didn’t like Monday much and hated Wednesday. It was also only a short time after I had been paid from work.

In order to be successful with your weight loss journey and be able to sustain it, you have to start at a time that is best and right for you in every sense. Whether that is physical time or the frame of mind you are in. What ever factors have effected your attempts in the past will effect any future attempts. So be honest with yourself, recognize the factors that have prevented previous attempts from being a success, write them down if you wish and think about when is right for you to begin. This is your journey and it’s a personal one. That leads nicely on to next week’s theme of ‘Keeping it Personal’.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you have enjoyed and found my blogs useful so far. Have an amazing week x


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